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One of the most known conferences about Apple platforms development is going remote this year! NSSpain 2020 is an online, continuous 36 hours conference, carefully crafted by the community for the community.

[ Nov 19 & 20 ] 2020
Workshops on [ Nov 17th/18th ]

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NSSpain 2020: Remote Edition is an online, 36 hours conference. Yes, you read that right, we'll start on Thursday and finish on Friday, running 36 hours continuously.

There will be an MC in the timezones covering Europe and Africa, another one in the timezones covering Asia and Oceania, and a third one live in North, Central and South Americas! If you’re currently based in a station on Antarctica these 3 MCs should cover your needs too. Take a look at the schedule to get an idea of how we'll make it work.

All the talks will be recorded and will be available for the attendees right after the conference. Our flexible schedule means you can drop in and out whenever you please, so you can fit the event around your schedule.

Sounds like fun? Join us for an event you haven't seen before, it'll be a once-in-a-lifetime! 😊

[ Speakers ]

Paul Hudson
Hacking with Swift

Paul is the author of Hacking with Swift, Pro Swift, Swift Design Patterns, Testing Swift, Server-Side Swift, Swift Coding Challenges, and more. Suffice it to say, he quite likes Swift. And coffee. (But mostly Swift.) (And coffee.)

Julia Potapenko
Cossack Labs

Julia is a Security Software Engineer at Cossack Labs, building convenient and affordable data security and encryption solutions. With background experience in iOS applications development, she helps customers to choose and implement security controls for their mobile products. Julia is passionate about local tech communities. She is a Mobile/Security Lead at Women Who Code Kyiv and a Co-Founder of OWASP Zhytomyr Chapter.

Orta Therox
Typescript at Microsoft

Look, so Orta helped build CocoaPods for close to a decade and contributed to almost every major iOS open source project while at the helm of Artsy's mobile team. Then, that team was dissolved a few years ago (there's a great summary of the history here), after that he started to move away from the iOS community to do some React Native stuff. That worked out well for a while but then totally dropped out of the scene to work on the TypeScript programming language.

So, does that make him a weird speaker for NSSpain? Yes. However, NSSpain has always had a special place in his heart as it was the first conference he talked at, in the first edition (2013) of the conference. So, where else would he think to make a brief come-back talk about this weird language (2nd most loved on the 2020 Stack Overflow survey) he works on in comparison to the language Cocoa developers use daily.

Marin Todorov

Marin Todorov is a developer, speaker, and author. He works for high-profile clients most often doing Swift development. Besides crafting code, he enjoys blogging, writing books, teaching, and speaking. He sometimes open sources his code. More about Marin at:

Dinorah Tovar

Dinorah is Mobile Platform Engineer at Konfio, named the number one startup to work by LinkedIn in Mexico. In the past, she led the mobile engineering teams of Lonely Planet and the Boston Consulting Group. She’s also a speaker in many tech conferences for the community, like Women Who Code, Droidcon, DevFest and Kotlin Everywhere, who is passionate about developers, Android, and diversity in tech.

Antoine van der Lee

As a Lead iOS Engineer at WeTransfer, Antoine’s work is focused on code architecture and team processes.

He's passionate about contributing to the iOS community where you might know him from his weekly blog posts on his personal blog called SwiftLee. He particularly enjoys speaking on best practices for structuring code architecture in a way that creates sustainability, as well as open sourcing frameworks and how iOS developers can be more successful in their work.

Donny Wals
Disney Streaming Services

I'm a passionate and curious iOS developer, Author and Speaker. Currently I work at Disney Streaming Services on an SDK that powers Disney+. I have written three books on iOS development and have delivered several talks and workshops over the past couple of years. Next to iOS development I'm a huge cat lover and I like dabbling on my guitar.

Benedikt Terhechte

Benedikt works as a Team Lead at XING, a business network. In previous jobs, he developed solutions for customers, such as Disney or Daimler-Chrysler. As an Indie Mac developer, he launched successful apps such as Hyperdeck, PhotoDesk or Hirundo. Benedikt started investigating Swift right after the 2014 release and writes about it on his blog He is also a co-host of the podcast. When he's not working, he enjoys running and electronic music.

Tomás Ruiz-López
47 Degrees

Tomás Ruiz is the Technical Lead of Swift/iOS at 47 Degrees. His professional life has been a combination of research and academic experience, working at the University and other Research facilities, together with industrial experience in a range of companies from start-ups to consultancy companies. At 47 Degrees, he leads the development of several Open Source projects in the Bow ecosystem, an attempt to bring Functional Programming to Swift. When he is not at work, he enjoys playing an immense board game collection and reading comics and graphic novels.

Leo Dion

Leo Dion is an independent developer running BrightDigit, a company in Lansing, Michigan which specializes in software development in the Apple space: iOS, macOS, and watchOS as well as server-side. He has almost 10 years of experience developing in iOS and has been developing in and blogging about Swift since day 1. He lives in Lansing MI with his wife Betsy and 5 kids and currently runs, a podcast on Apple stuff, Swift and business.

Michel Bueno

Michel is a consultant who works with ThoughtWorks to deliver software solutions and agile transformation. He has landed in ThoughtWorks as a developer and engaged in mobile development since then, helping clients incorporate user and business requirements into memorable and successful mobile apps. Michel is a passionate gamer and a photography enthusiast in his free time. Also he enjoys internet memes and pictures of animals talking as if they were humans.

Larissa Barra

Larissa is a Brazilian consultant and developer who works with Google UK building incredible applications. She believes in coding for people, both users and other devs, and in improving the developer experience in order to improve your final app.

Vladislav Alekseev

Vlad is infra software engineer. He started his carrier at Yandex where he developed some popular Russian iOS apps like Maps, Browser, followed by Facebook UK where he worked mostly on the Facebook app performance, and later on with the Buck build system infrastructure project. Today he's back to Russia where is focusing on build & test infrastructure, CI and CD tooling in Avito.

Yuki Aki
LINE Fukuoka

Yuki is an iOS Engineer at LINE Fukuoka, who loves learning Swift Language. He is called as freddi from Swift Engineers in Japan. He started learning Swift two years ago, and has spoken at many conferences and meetups as he enjoys talking about what he learned while coding in Swift. He also contributed to OSS projects, like Swift Compiler and XcodeGen while he had time. He loves music, cartoons (like "Tom and Jerry", "Fooly Cooly" ...), drawing cats, hand-made keyboard, and traveling. :)

Vadim Drobinin
Epsy Health

Vadim is a mobile developer and a security researcher, these days on a quest to make medtech at Epsy Health more accessible, robust, and secure.

He is also the author of the Tuesday Triage  newsletter, and the mastermind behind the London’s most secret bar , among many other things (but that’s a topic for a separate talk).

Víctor Pimentel Rodríguez

Víctor is an iOS Tech Lead from Madrid, Spain. He is starting his 10th year as a developer at Telefónica and is super proud to manage an amazing iOS team there.

Currently he is helping develop an app for COR, an SF-based healthcare startup. There he is learning how to write a high-quality, production-ready SwiftUI app, and he is extremely excited to continue discovering this paradigm.

Before the rapture he enjoyed traveling, diving, and tasting local food and wine. Luckily, he is also a certified TV show addict, so eight streaming platforms are helping him cope with reality.

Malin Sundberg

Malin is an iOS and, more recently, macOS developer working on an app called Orbit. Being one half of a two-person team, Malin keeps herself busy developing the app and the backend (written in Swift using Vapor), designing the UI, product page, icons, and other artwork for the app. Malin is also passionate about the development community and regularly organizes local meetups in Vancouver, Canada. She also chats about tech and indie development on the Cup of Tech podcast.

Ethan Saadia

Ethan is a software and hardware developer and 2x WWDC Scholar. He’s passionate about augmented reality and machine learning and loves pushing the boundaries of creative technologies. He’s spoken about RealityKit and Swift for TensorFlow and authors a suite of ARKit tutorials. Follow Ethan on Twitter @ethansaadia to see projects, articles, and more!

David Reidy

David has been a teacher of Software Design, and Physics, for over thirty years. He is the founder and lead developer on uCare a platform to improve family communications in care settings. He is passionate about designing interfaces that are functional and easy to use. David began working with Swift in 2014 and started teaching with it the following year, glad to move on from Objective-C. He is a regular contributor at Sydney CocoaHeads. Outside of writing software David dabbles in electronics, astronomy and knitting, he is the author of three books about amateur astronomy and hosted the Sticks and String podcast for five years. David’s working on his website at

Tim Oliver

Tim's been a fanboy of iOS development since the iPhone 3G and has been doing it professionally since 2013. Originally from Australia, he's currently working as an iOS software engineer at Drivemode in Japan where he's helping to build iOS software that integrates with automotive hardware. Tim loves contributing to open source software and maintains a variety of iOS libraries on his GitHub account, helping to power apps by companies of the likes of Google and Discord. In his free time, he loves playing video games and subjecting hapless souls to his karaoke singing.

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Talk (TBA)
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Talk (TBA)
[ 11:00am UTC ]
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[ 02:00pm UTC ]
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[ 03:00pm UTC ]
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[ 04:00pm UTC ]
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[ 05:00pm UTC ]
🍷 1st party: networking with fellow developers
[ 07:00pm UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
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Talk (TBA)
[ 09:00pm UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 10:00pm UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 11:00pm UTC ]
Talk (TBA)

Day 2
November [ 20th ]

[ 12:00am UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 01:00am UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 02:00am UTC ]
🍷 2nd party: networking with fellow developers
[ 04:00am UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 05:00am UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 06:00am UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 07:00am UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 08:00am UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 09:00am UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 10:00am UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 11:00am UTC ]
🍷 3rd party: networking with fellow developers
[ 01:00pm UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 02:00pm UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 03:00pm UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
[ 04:00pm UTC ]
Talk (TBA)
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